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The side Blondy was found in the southern pine forest of Turkey arround Muğla. And there are many other regions in Turkey where You can find different types of Fresh Morels during End of February till begining of June. Turkey is mainly dominating the fresh morel market beside the Frozen with over 800 tons of total Export quantity to mainly Europe. In the Dried production the quality means always Turkish Morels as well but there are some oter competiour regions available who supply bigger quantities to the markets.

MOREL! The king of the mushrooms for most of the mushroom experts! And We have focused on this unique product in the Turkish forests

Fresh Morels

CALISKAN serves you this unique taste like as if it's harvested right at the moment. We have the unque stinably advantage of to be located at center of the morel collecting regions which serve the highest quality fresh morels to the mushroom markets. All knows the meaning of time in fresh mushroom business and our clients are the witness of this point with the delivered most fresh morels. We deliver the Fresh Morels lots as Calibrated (Mini/Medium/Jumbo) as well as uncalibrated lots.

Packages avaible with;

Frozen Morels

Again racing against time; couse we know the timing is the most critical point for Frozen Morels as well. Limited water content, meaty pieces as 70 pieces per Kg. And we are one of the afew company in the World who use the IQF system for frozen morel production. Quality classification, size selection processing, cleaning, packing and food safety regulations are all certified with ISO 22000. You can have some idea about the production steps at production page

Dried Morels

The dried morel is the most delicious and popular in dehydrated mushroom list. Its flavor is unlike any other mushroom, tasting meaty, earhty aroma or nut-like. Its aromatic quality lends itself best to light cream or wine sauces and pastas. Turkish Dried Morels' has it's unique without smoky taste. The storage condition is also in World standarts. In the new opened facility with 3.000 m² with climated rooms, fixed moisture level.

Grill Party

A moment during a grill party with morels in Denizli, a traditional base cooking to enjoy it here arround!